Tuesday, 21 February 2012

High resolution Generation 1 cascade tubes

High resolution Generation 1 cascade tubes. Each tube is really 3 x Gen.1 tubes coupled in series. Each tube has a 50x light gain which makes the system 50x50x50 or a whopping 125,000 x light gain. When installed into homemade N.V. units they are almost comparable to modern Gen. 2 tubes and OMNI 3 Gen. 3 tubes.

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A view of a Fox through one of our Night Scopes

Here is a view of a Fox through one of Starlight NV's Night Scopes.

Thermal Imagers

Starlight NV carry a range of Thermal Imagers. These are in daily use by Police, Security and Military Professionals all over the world. You can read more about them by clicking HERE

Hello from Starlight Night Vision

This is the blog of Starlight NV. This is a brand new blog so please bear with me if I don't have a lot for you to read yet. Articles will be posted soon. Meanwhile you can visit my website www.starlightnv.co.uk